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3D Printing for Creatives

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This course was about 3d printing where the end goal was to do something innovative with 3d printing and other digital fabrication techniques. in the first part of the course, I learned how to make 3 models in Fusion 360 and make spec sheets. The end project was about Digital fabrication as a tool to embody and understand posthumanism. I tried to work together with technology to make jewellery. Using AI, fusion, 3d scanning and casting. This course was a combination of doing research into posthumanism and making and actually learning how to use the programs we use to 3d print and laser cut. I developed most in the area of technology and realisation but also in the area of Creativity and Aesthetics and learning that a 3d print is not finished while coming out of the printer. I learned how to make it look aesthetic and make it actually usable. I also developed in the area of Math, Data and computing by working together with generative AI.  


Read the end report here

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