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Areas of expertise development

 If you click on the areas it will filter the courses and projects that added the most to this area you can hover over them to read more. The bigger projects most of the time added to all competencies but I highlighted my biggest learnings, if you want to read more about them click the pictures of those.

Business and Entrepreneurship

At the beginning of my bachelor's, I was quite underdeveloped in this area after I got basic skills in business models, value propositions, and customer journeys for product design. I learned that even though I won't be a product designer these techniques can give me insight on how to create value and have an impact. This resulted in me being able to validate business models outside the domain of product design. My extracurricular activities gave me an entrepreneurial mindset that resulted in the designer I am today.

To see how these learnings resulted in my FBP click here

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