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These are my plans

Next up I am going to start the master of Industrial Design here at the TU/e. The educational system here fits me the best, I like the freedom and I know what I want and I know I can develop that here. In my FBP I liked working out the organizational concepts, I found it enormously interesting to find out what laws were in place regarding social media and I was flabbergasted about how outdated this was. I really saw an opportunity here. This also connects to my extracurricular activities in politics and codetermination where I am seeing many possibilities for design in politics. This would be something I would love to explore in my master’s. Connecting to this, I hope that I can do my first project in the transformative and inclusive practices squad. I always wanted to join this squad because of its interesting challenges in the real world. I will also proceed with my work at the university council and other codetermination/political organizations, and explore my role as a designer there. I also would like to do an exchange in the second year of my master's to broaden my view on the world and design.

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