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I did an internship at Muzus, a service design company in Delft that works on social

projects. During my internship, I have worked on several projects, where I visualized, did interviews, translated qualitative data, facilitated workshops, made persona’s, and got insights into how a design company operates. 


Being part of the team of Muzus taught me a lot of new theories and methods in the world of human-centered design and context mapping. I developed myself as a designer in the area of user and society by taking a human-centered approach and with methods on how to get to the latent needs of the user (like context mapping). I developed in the area of business and entrepreneurship by seeing how a design company operates in the social domain but also by attending a lot of client meetings.

Although the phase-based process that was being followed was new and a bit difficult for me I found the advantages of their way of working, the differences to Eindhoven, and the role I have when with designers from different backgrounds. 

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