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Project 2

Designer government Dialog

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This project being about the dialogue between designer and government and the excessive use of jargon and container terms. This was the perfect opportunity to explore the field. For the first time in my studies, I didn't feel like I was studying anymore but more like working on a passion project. Being able to use my extracurricular activities within my project. Last semester I got familiar with TP and got the theoretical background and connection to actually explore this semester. Within user and society, I learned new ways of researching people and behaviour, next to that I developed an understanding of society's development and what design can mean within this. One of the points in Cindy’s research and in the book Designing within Public Organizations was that designers must understand the system in order to play it. I conducted my research within the industry, I did a research internship at ZET and acted as a designer in the government with a project I did with the municipality. I have built on my network quite a lot and learned how to operate in the area, I learned how to play the system. I also developed in technology and realization by actually making and coding my probes and math data and computing by learning two new programming languages. 

Writing a paper was especially good for my development as a design researcher however the goal was to publish I have learned that I do need to fit it more to a specific journal or conference, and needed a better writing style. 


Read the full paper and report website page here

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