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Areas of expertise development

 If you click on the areas it will filter the courses and projects that added the most to this area you can hover over them to read more. The bigger projects most of the time added to all competencies but I highlighted my biggest learnings, if you want to read more about them click the pictures of those.

Technology and Realization

The development in this area has been quite linear throughout my whole bachelor's. From learning the basics in electronics by myself to doing three projects where I learned in-depth skills with help from teammates to making a complicated prototype in my FBP. However, considering my focus in design I started seeing prototyping mainly as a communication tool. I have built a diverse toolbox containing skills in; Arduino, HTML, Java, 3D printing, UX design, dealing with soft materials, and Adobe to communicate my ideas. The activities in this area taught me how to learn.

To see how these learnings resulted in my FBP click here

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