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Areas of expertise development

 If you click on the areas it will filter the courses and projects that added the most to this area you can hover over them to read more. The bigger projects most of the time added to all competencies but I highlighted my biggest learnings, if you want to read more about them click the pictures of those.

User and Society

Throughout my bachelor's I developed from a user-centered design approach where I learned to do interviews and user tests to a human-centered design approach where I learned to incorporate emotional or psychological preferences. I learned how to get to know the context and the latent needs of the user with context mapping methods. I developed an interest in the social domain and developed an understanding of how to design for the social-cultural context. 

Course: User-centered Design


Learned me how to focus on a specific user group. I created persona’s, did user tests and interviews for the first time, and implemented the wishes in the design. I realized the importance of a second-person perspective for the quality and value of your innovation. 

Project 3: Pleasant Transitions in Highly Automated Vehicles


What was interesting was that this user group and the topic were far from my initial interest, but I focused on getting to know this group with research methods such as the repertory grid. What taught me to be empathetic as a designer. Read more...

Courses: USE, Human in Technology


This learning line taught me about human behavior and cognition and introduced me to psychology and perception. This made me see that the human perceives almost everything unconsciously and it is the responsibility of designers to create systems that provide a pleasurable experience.

Internship: Muzus

Muzus achtergrond.PNG

I developed myself as a designer in the area of user and society by taking a human-centered approach and with methods on how to get to the latent needs of the user (like context mapping). 


Course: Intercultural Design


Taught me what it would mean to design for a societal context. The dimensions of Hofstede gave me a bird's eye perspective on the world and made me see opportunities for improvement. It made me realize that you can never design one perfect solution because people in different cultures have different desires.




Project 2: TikTak 

Tik tak-3.jpg

We researched how people treat their clothing and what their current rituals are of hanging their coat, this was a combination of field research and observations. This really sparked my first interest in researching the social domain and public space. Read more...

To see how these learnings resulted in my FBP click here

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