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Project Exchange RMIT Australia

Construction of Perception

M,D & C
C & A
T & R

During my exchange in Australia I followed a project from the master of Design, Innovation and Technology at RMIT. The goal of the project was to create a museum installation and in order to do that we first had to create an understanding of how we perceive certain things through experimenting with perception. Before we started on the museum installation we had to do smaller projects on light, sound, and patterns. The end installation was an interactive installation that showed data on deforestation. This project and my exchange in general I focussed on making, and learning new techniques. This is why I developed in the area of creativity & aesthetics and technology & realisation. But also in math, Data and Computing using code (processing) in order to create patterns and process data. While designing the end concept I learned a whole new design process, as we were designing for a gallery the end work was more important than the way to it. This way of working did not come naturally to me and it made us stay conceptual for a little bit too long.


See the results of this project in the pictures


Read the end report here

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