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Final master project

Reflection on my development and the present

In the beginning of my master, I wanted to try combining designing with politics, something I actively pursued in extracurricular activities. Joining the transformative practice squad allowed me to further develop in the area of user and society, which became my most developed field. I engaged in working on societal challenges, participated actively, and delved deeper into philosophy, anthropology, and morality. These developments occurred through various courses, projects, and in my free time, ultimately enhancing my critical thinking skills.


My approach always involves using making or visualizing. I need to create to simplify my thoughts and the challenges I am working on. During my master's, I further developed these making skills, thereby enhancing my capabilities in the areas of creativity and aesthetics, as well as technology and realization. I improved my making skills through the projects I undertook and the courses I took in Australia, where I learned 3D modeling, printing, laser cutting, and some new programming languages. This provided me with the skills to quickly articulate my thoughts. Additionally, I developed my ability to stimulate creativity in others through methods like co-creation and exploring new ways of using design to involve people. I developed this skill both in my extracurricular activities and in the two research-focused courses.


In my master, I pursued what one might call a "side track." I developed an interest in AI, particularly employing post-humanism as a lens to examine AI. I experimented with AI personally, striving to enhance my understanding of the underlying models. However, I don't consider it merely a side track. Aligned with my vision, I believe technology is an underdeveloped area in government currently, and designers can play a pivotal role in bringing it to the forefront of agendas. This perspective is a role I consistently adopt as the devil's advocate at conferences I attend. While discussions often revolve around issues like climate change and migration, the dangers of technology are seldom addressed. I developed myself in math, data, and computing by gaining a better understanding of AI through creating and experimenting with (AI) models in my courses and also in one of my projects.


One of the most significant outcomes of my master's is the network that I built. I began realizing that, as a student, there are no limits—you can talk with anyone without being confined to a specific company. After my tenure in the university council at the start of my master's, I learned how to establish my profile in politics as a designer and apply these skills to my projects in industrial design, enabling me to add more depth. Through this, I developed myself in business and entrepreneurship, laying the foundational stones for my career.


Using all these skills I learned during my master's, I could get everything out of my final master project. Using this extensive network, I connected with numerous experts and secured funds for the projects I was undertaking. I utilized my skills to create quick demonstrators, for example, to explain concepts and provoke discussions. I developed more methods to encourage others to be creative, employing approaches like commoning. I learned how to incorporate philosophical thinking into my work and experimented with these ways of thinking. I realized that adopting this approach can have an impact on your daily life, prompting you to question everything you do. Simultaneously, as I gained a better understanding of participation in our democracy, I took a few steps further in understanding the complexities of the Dutch government.


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