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Project 1

Cartographies of transforming practices

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My first project in the squad transformative practices was immediately about mapping processes within this field. These processes are extremely complex and often do not have a clear endpoint. It made me dive into the theories and way of working within this squad, which was a great way to get an understanding. 

In this project, we used Co-development to find out how we can “map” this transforming, this cartography of our experience in such a manner that our cartographies of transforming can live on and be picked up by others. And how we could make sure non-design stakeholders understand the process of transforming. Creating a mapping toolkit. In this project the focus on user and society was the biggest with the approach of co-development, I already was familiar with co-creation but I have especially learned about the position of designing for transformation in society and learning philosophical theories and their relation to design. The second main area I developed in is technology and realization, we had a big focus on making what eventually also connects to creativity and aesthetics. I worked on really making a refined-looking prototype and learned new techniques such as 3d modelling and laser cutting. I also developed in the area of math data and computing in the form of visualizing data and using AR. This project was the first step in my development within the squad and was of great importance to me. 


Read the full report website page here

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