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Project 1: F'leau


Fl’eau is a water bottle that is specially made for students who quickly lose their attention during lectures. The microphone built into the cap of the bottle will pick up the voice of the lecturer, the vibration motors will start to resonate with the voice of the lecturer. The student will not only hear but also feel the voice of the lecturer. So whenever the student feels distracted, he or she can grab the nice feeling bottle for extra focus and will not miss any more information. It is made of squeezable material that allows fidgeting for extra focus.



This was the first project where I walked through a full design process with different iterations and multiple prototypes. I learned to implement research, user opinions in the design and define a problem statement to solve. In this project, I went into depth in the look and feel of the product and did material explorations that allowed fidgeting. This taught me that material properties can be an important factor in the interaction with a product. This was a product that had possibilities for further development. For the first time I used business models and we looked into the added value it had to related products. 

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