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Project 2: TikTak

TikTak is a new way of hanging your coat, in the form of a statue in your house which you can finish by hanging up your coat. The statue changes shape when you walk towards it by ticking slower like time is stopping and reminding you to take a moment to take off your coat. The user creates their ritual of hanging the coat to make it more valuable. 

The goal of this project was to let people appreciate their clothing more and create value. In a society that is focused on individualism and capitalism, it is hard to enjoy normal everyday moments like putting on clothing.




This project focused a lot on making, next to learning a lot from doing a process like this and documenting it in an exploration book I also spent a lot of time making the end prototype working. It resulted in a complicated mechanism with strong motors and complicated code. Next to that, I learned how to use the machines in the wearables senses lab. The other part of this project that was valuable for me was the research we had done. We researched how people treat their clothing and what their current rituals are of hanging their coat, this was a combination of field research and observations. This really sparked my first interest in researching the social domain and public space. 

Tik tak-3.jpg
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